Plastic post


article number:


  • single tip
  • colour: white
  • length: 105 cm
  • 7 eyes for wide tape and rope
  • depth in soil: approx. 20 cm
  • size: 25 x 21 mm

product details

article number 0485-020
packaging unit (box) 20 (per box)
packaging unit (pallet) 600 (per pallet)
designation single tip
color white
length 105 cm
depth in soil approx. 20 cm
eyes / insulators for wide tape and rope 7
size 25 x 21 mm

more information

  • manufactured from talcum reinforced polypropylene copolymer (PP copo)
  • manufactured on own plastic extruders
  • designed based on many years of experience
  • these plastic posts distinguish themselves through high-grade workmanship,
    high stability, long weather-resistance and simple handling
  • available in various colours (white, black or dark-green)
  • available in different length: 70 cm, 105 cm, 160 cm
  • with double tread for wind-resistant sturdiness (in the single tip version)
    diverse eyes for wide tape (horse tape) and rope (horse rope)
  • available in different packaging units

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