Milk warmer MTH 136 (round)


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  • fully of stainless steel
  • food safe - ideal for foodstuffs handling
  • extra high 3600 Watt heating power
  • solid stainless steel foot for extra stability
  • with continuously variable thermostat control
    from 0 - 100 degrees
  • visual display of operation (indicator lamp)
  • can not burn, the set temperature is maintained
    once it has been reached
  • handy handle for one-handed operation
  • round base for very easy cleaning
  • splash proof IP44
  • already usable from 15 cm fill level
  • with CEE-Plug 5 poles 16A (RoHS compliant)
  • height: 1030 mm
  • weight: 6.1 kg

product details

article number 0311-036
designation Milk warmer MTH 136 (round)
material stainless steel
height 1030mm
diameter (base) 170mm
supply voltage 360 Volt, 50 Hz
power 3600 Watt
immersion depth (min) 150mm
immersion depth (max) 900mm
weight 6.1 kg

more information

Milk warmer heating time with 20 litres of water

Milcherwärmer Erwärmungsdauer bei 20 Liter Wasser

  • 20 litres of water were heated up with a milk warmer type MTH80 (Item No. 0301-000) at room temperature in an uninsulated container
  • This graph illustrates how long it takes the milk warmer to heat the corresponding volume of fluid to the desired temperature
  • Please note that there are many factors (insulation, starting temperature, water volume etc.) that may affect the heating time, positively or negatively.

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